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EXAM Transport & Co. is a Global Life Science Logistics firm, specifically catering to the Biological and Pharmaceutical Industries, directly involved in custom-tailoring logistics solutions to the cold-chain-transportation cycle of Controlled Substances, Category A Infectious Substances and Category B Biological Substances. EXAM is a TSA / DOHS-Approved Indirect Air Carrier with Next Flight Out capability and Just-in-Time service to Known Shippers. EXAM handles the transportation of; Live Organs. Blood (Pathology). RBC's & IRRBC's. FFP & Platelets. Bodily Tissues (Histology). Temperature-Controlled Reagents & Reactants. Inter-Lab Docs & PI Manuals. Study Kits. Investigative Medical Products. Pharmaceutical Controlled Drugs. Hand-Handled Medical Equipment. Compressed Gas. Sample Collection Kits. Toxic & BioMedical Waste. EXAM's Transporters are Trained & Certified in accordance with the compliance requirements of CAP Accredited Laboratories as per 49CFR 172.700 / IATA 1.5.

EXAM Transport & Co.

EXAM Transport & Co. Corporate Seal Est. 2010

HQ` |9:30a-4:00p est| 321-765-EXAM 
Los Angeles 24/7` 323-786-EXAM
New York 24/7` 212-203-EXAM
Chicago 24/7` 872-225-EXAM
SLC Support` 385-985-EXAM
Clients` 1-800-dist-EXAM
E-mail` vendor.relations@examtransport.com 

client confidentiality. superior customer service. institutional quality. enterprise speed.

EXAM Transport & Co.

EXAM Transport is a TSA/DOHS – Approved Indirect Air Carrier with Next Flight Out Capability to Known Shippers [2012-2014]     clinical trial logistics world courier marken ocasa clinicaltrialslogistics.com clinicaltrialslogistics.org

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